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~~need help brainstorming a play: spoof of Indiana Jones~

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Hi gals!


My 14yos wants to do a play this fall. He has an idea for a spoof of Indiana Jones. But if we are going to pull this off, we need the script written ASAP --before mid-August.


First, does anyone KNOW of a script already out there that operates on a similar theme? It might be easier to just buy one instead of reinventing the wheel. But i'm not finding anything via Google.


Otherwise, we are needing ideas for a spoof name, subtitle, plot, conflict, characters, scenes, stunts, and memorable hilarious lines. We will, of course, credit the thread w/ contributing to the script :)


ds was thinking of a nerdy kind of hero. DH came up w/ "Daytona Dan and Cleaners of the Porcelain Bowl," complete w/ mayan temples that show pictographs of ancient toilets being cleaned, clues like a toilet handle, seat, and brush being found ....:tongue_smilie:

BUT anything like that --or even cornier-- is going to be considered!


the cast would involve about 20-30 homeschool students of all ages. I can stretch a cast pretty easily, so if we can come up w/ 10 key characters that would be a perfect start. I'd like to kill about 40 minutes at least with this.


and i already have a bullwhip......;)



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I can see many people worshipping the Porcelain God. (wait, maybe that's a flashback :001_huh:) I'll brainstorm a little on this. I love spoofs, and Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movies. I haven't seen the new one yet, however.


Perhaps Marion could be Maid Marion ala Robin Hood.


Hum..... I'll ponder this and repost in the morning.

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There's a mystery dinner theater here in town & I think they may have done an Indiana Jones spoof at some point. Maybe you could call them & beg for a copy of the script (if there was one in the first place)???


If they won't do that, maybe they could point you in the right direction?


(For example, their current show is Harry Plotter and the Half-Wit Princess. LOL.)

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thanks gals--


i like the "worshipping the porcelain god" thing, lol.


Lisa- we've been watching a few different spoofs at youtube and trying to glean a couple ideas, but i haven't found a GOOD one yet. If you find something good more than a couple minutes long, could you let me know?


Remudamom- mindiana jones......hardy har har ;) I don't think it would go over well on stage to a wide audience, but i might email that as a snippet to my midwife, lol.


stacia-- i'll send them an email- Thanks!

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My benadryl-induced sleep last night came up with a few things. I would pick a "treasure" to find and play off every possible thing that teenagers find funny. I would start there and work backwards.


If you spoof Indy there has to be snakes, that's just a classic.


Maybe Indy could be a homeschool dad, taking his kids on an adventure.


You know how they pan out to show the little airplane moving across a map, you could have someone make a video or powerpoint of that, or even someone standing at a big white board or chalk board moving the airplane.


Since the first three were set during the Nazi era, you could have someone standing on the side interjecting WWII historical information. They could be dressed in military attire and look like they are reading off of an ancient scroll.

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