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Anyone use "Tell Me More" by Auralog for foreign language? HSBCO is offering it...

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The HSBuyes co-op is offering the "Tell Me More" program by Auralog. I am wondering if it's any good. I can't tell what age range it's geared to. It appears it might be more of a middle/high school aged program. I have elementary aged kids.


Any experience with this?


Thanks! - Stacey in MA

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I bought it during the last co-op sale. The program says for ages 11 + but I'm using it w/ dd11 and ds10 and probably ds8. I wish I could review it for you, but we really haven't gotten into it yet. The program spans 4 years of material so for me, it was worth it even if it wasn't "the" Spanish program, KWIM? Last sale got down to $175 so if I use it w/ all my kids (7 of them) for 4 years...it was well worth the cost!

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It really is a great deal considering it's 4 yrs worth. I think we could buy Rosetta Stone through the co-op for $350 for all 3 levels, but the Auralog is at $200 presently for the 4 yrs. If it's any good, it would definitely be worth it!


Thanks for the input!

- Stacey in MA

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