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Has anyone used Harmony Fine Arts and have an opinion?

Mom to Aly

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We've used Grades 1 and 2 and have thoroughly enjoyed them!


My kiddos are very much into art and music, so we actually used all three art options. The picture study selection for each week went on my computer desktop/screensaver, so we had lots of chance to view and discuss it during the week. We did the Artistic Pursuits/Come Look With Me on another day during the week, then did the Dover coloring along with listening to the music selections on Friday. The variety of projects has been wonderfully interesting and age-appropriate, IMO.


It's provided an great overview and introduction.. I am constantly surprised when one of my kiddos correctly identifies the artist of, say, a Van Gogh print that they haven't seen before. I am excited about continuing the levels.. I have already purchased up to Grade Eight and really like the gradual increase in both expectations and depth as the levels progress.


Above everything else, my top rave about this curriculum is that art and music will actually get DONE each week, not just tacked on or shoved to the side. I find it so much easier to have everything scheduled for me, a plan that I simply have to follow (without having to overthink, kwim?)


Feel free to PM me with any other questions. :001_smile:

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