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Read-aloud time


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Ok, so my kiddo (6) is reading pretty well. He completed TYCR100 ez lessons, WeBster's syllabary and a kindergarten year in Abekka phonics. He is fluent except for the area of developing expression while reading. He does not like to read right now.


Over the summer, Should I:


A. " Fill in the blanks" with OPGTR and require him to read aloud to me 15 minutes a day and I read 15 minutes at least a day.


B. have him read aloud to me from a reader to build fluency (go down a level) 15 minutes a day, read aloud to him ( up a level) 15 minutes and have him read to himself ( at level) for 15 minutes.


C. The obligatory other: please explain


My goals are:

1. Expression in reading and developing fluency

2. Develop a habit of reading.

3. Develop a love for reading.


I am trying to think of something that might make reading more fun ( a special snack, craft etc. Any ideas?)

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I think you are right to have him do some reading to you over the summer. But for the goals you have:

c. I'd read to him.


Fluency comes from practice with easy books below his level, and expression in reading from hearing it and seeing it. The habit of reading and love of reading develops from being read to, listening to stories, listening to books about science, historical events told in a narrative fashion, stories about people, myths, fables, funny folk tales.

Don't forget audio books. These have been a wonderful resource for us.

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C. I think you should read aloud to him for more than 15 min a day, at least 30, books that are full of literary language way above his reading level.

He should read aloud to you 3 times a week in a book that is at or a little above his level for as long as he can, but just before he gets tired. It may help for you to read every other paragraph for him. Stop before it becomes drudgery so that you don't kill his love of reading at the tender age of 6. If its only been 5 min then so be it. It will increase on its own with time.

Provide 30 min of quiet reading time for him to read whatever he wants to, yet again, foster a love for books.

Finally, forget about teaching him to read with expression. He will do that naturally as he hears books read with expression, as he develops a love for books and a natural desire to read with expression, and when he is reading more fluently than it is possible for a typical 6 year old to read.


Basically, foster the love and the rest will come.

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C. I would read great books to him, minimum 30 minutes a day. We usually do 20-30 in the a.m. and then another 30 at bedtime. The bedtime book is always the quality chapter book I'm reading to him. The morning time might be the same book, different book, good picture books, non-fiction, often his choice. Snuggle up and enjoy your time.


I would have him read aloud books he can read fluently, at least 10-15 minutes a day. If he's needing to stop to sound out more than 3'ish words per full page I'd go down a level. Sign him up for the library's summer reading program and any others you have in the area. That gives good incentive. You could also make up your own- coupons or a sticker chart. My oldest loved creating a reading caterpillar around his room in K. He decorated the face, then we added a circle with the title for each book.

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I'd read aloud to him and let him pick his own easy readers at the library then do alternate pages with you for one book a day or something pretty minimal like that. In the fall, you can pick back up with curricula or readers if you feel like it's needed.

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I'm with the write-ins for Option "C." :D I'd also provide him with piles of books below his reading level.

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