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I never thought I would be here!!

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We participate in a Tapestry of Grace co-op that meets on Fridays. This co-op has now addes World Views and Starting Points. That's great! However, with the addition of so many other classes, there are not very many teachers in each class. We are stretched very thin.


We just received our teaching assignments for the fall.


My daughter will be in 8th grade, but I decided to put her in the Rhetoric level TOG history and writing because she is a strong reader and I knew that there would be several other 9th graders in the class. It was our goal to have enough teachers to have a separate class for these students. However, these kids are now in with the 10th -12th graders.


Here is where I'm having a small panic attack. I'm one of only 2 teachers in the class. I've never taught high school level. That is definitely not my strong suit. I've always worked with preschool or younger grades.


I think I can pull it together to lead discussions in history and teach geography and literature. So, I'm okay with that. WRITING!!! I don't feel qualified!


I'm trying to do some deep breathing and find some helpful resources online for teaching TOG writing. I'm not even sure what level we should teach. How do you combine that many levels??? I was thinking we would teach level 9; however, we will have Juniors and Seniors in there.


I'm just looking for some reassurance and feedback AND resources!!!




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