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Visiting Napa advice?

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We are flying out with ds to CA to take him to his summer EPGY class. We will spend one night in Palo Alto, do the campus info session the next day, drop him off for his residential program, and then head to Napa! Yea! But we are completely overwhelmed!! Everyone keeps giving us advice, so I figure I would gather more here. I guess I am thinking if there are several places that *everyone* suggests, then those must be the ones to hit!


Lodging is SO expensive!! There is an Embassy Suites there, but we're not sure if doing this would cause use to miss part of the "experience." We were also considering staying at Caymus as it seems a bit more reasonably priced.


We are also unsure as to how many wineries to tour per day. We have some friends who have made suggestions and given us contact names to schedule tours and tastings. Also, should we make dinner reservations for every evening before we go out there? It will be high tourist season in the middle of July. Suggestions for restaurants would be appreciated as well. We are NOT going to try and do The French Laundry!


We plan to be there four nights, and three full days. That first night, we will just arrive and have dinner (that will be a Monday) and then we will have all day T-Th and fly home Friday.


Does it cost a lot to hire a driver? Is the wine train good or hokey?? What other things are there to do???


Thanks for any and all advice!

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Soscol Cafe - great for breakfast


Boonfly Cafe - also great for breakfast


Mini-mango Thai Bistro -


If you're going to splurge for an expensive meal then I would eat at Mustards over The French Laundry anyday.


Really good pizza place... azzurro something or other enoteca...



Cakebread Cellars is our all time favorite winery.


Can't help you on a place to stay... try some of the local B & B's, maybe?


Umm, wine train... I actually have heard really good things about it, but we've never done it.


If you're going to winery hop, I would definitely hire a car. Have fun and enjoy!!

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