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Online Classes: Shakespeare, Homer, Genesis, Lost Tools of Writing

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Guest ahagertysmith

The CiRCE Online Academy: A Truly Classical Approach



**Note that these courses are offered for teenage students as well as home-school parents. My daughter and I have taken courses through this academy and would gladly answer questions about our experience. I am new to the forum; so I apologize if this information was already posted. --Anne**


Featuring courses in classical composition and literature taught by experienced and dedicated classical educators, the CiRCE Institute's Online Classical Academy provides a digital model for classical education designed to help home-schooling parents supplement the education of their children.


Courses include:


- An Introduction to Shakespeare (Summer 2012: Starts May 28)

- Homer's The Odyssey (Summer 2012: Starts May 28)

- Genesis: In the Beginning (Summer 2012: Starts July 9)

- Introduction to Major British and American Poets (School year 2012-13)

- The Greek Plays: Sophocles (School year 2012-13)

- The Lost Tools of Writing, Level 1 (School year 2012-13)

- The Lost of Writing, Level 2 (School year 2012-13)




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