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Other Science Curriculum Options

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We are using Apologia Science curriculum, but our science tutor, a middle school science teacher, feels that it is quite "anti-Science". It weights less important topics heavier than more crucial topics, and neglects some very important concepts, regardless of national standards.


So I am in search of a Science curriculum. What are you using? What have you used 7-8th grade, and what is your 9-12 grade scope and sequence?


Any recommendations?

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If your middle school teacher is going to have the final comment on your science text, then perhaps he should pick it out. :)


Nonetheless, we use A Beka. It's colorful with lots of great photos, very rigorous with tough quizzes and tests, and macro lab based which we prefer.


Our DD11, who is finishing up 8th, always scores very high on the ITBS (which isn't saying much, but is a national test) and has used A Beka science all the way through.


But there are so many great science curriculum, in my opinion, that I am thankful we have just stuck with one. Otherwise, it would be just too mind boggling to choose.



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Generally with Apologia, a tutor isn't necessary. :D


That said, any areas which are considered "weak" can be easily supplemented. I think highly of Apologia's science texts. Their biology course could use some supplementing to understand old earth, evolution, etc.. If it's human anatomy and physiology which is considered "missing", that's a separate advanced biology course which should be taken after chemistry.

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For 7th grade science we use BJU Life Science, which would be equivalent to an honors level Life Science in our public schools. After that we switch to secular texts. If you wanted to do all public school science with your tutor, you could let him choose. My choices in public school texts would go:


7th grade Life Science: Holt Biology

8th grade Physical Science: Prentice Hall, Physical Science: Concepts in Action

9th grade Biology: Prentice Hall, Miller Levine Biology

I haven't done 10-12th yet so I'm not comfortable recommending those.

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For middle school, I really like Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn Science. I'd add a series of lab experiments using whatever resource appeals to you, as the GP books don't include labs.


For high school, so far we've only had one year, and we've used and liked Spectrum Chemistry.


Another option for middle school would be Spectrum's Rainbow program, but I haven't actually used it. I'd just recommend considering it based on my satisfaction with their Chemistry.

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