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history recommendations pls

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I am afraid I am on my way out the door so don't have time to check if there is a similar thread on here atm, please send me in the right direction if there is.


I am wondering what people use for studying ancients in HS. I am starting SOTW with my littlies soon and was hoping to study ancient history alongside them but obviously in a little more depth. Is there a good ancinet history course for high school or adult self education anyone can recommend??? Idealy I would like it to line up with SOTW but no doubt that is asking way too much. Any suggestions? TIA

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We used Spielvogel's Western Civ for ds' high school years. The Ancients section is very good. You could also use Barron's World History The Easy Way for a more condensed view (we used it for supplementing). If you are YE and conservative, MOH is also interesting, and you can use it for logic stage, too.

Finally, like Starr mentioned, SWB's book for adults is great, too. It's more narrative than a textbook, which makes it interesting. I found keeping a timeline with it to be a big help in keeping everyone straight. :001_smile:

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We've used World Civilizations, Vol. I to 1700 by Adler and Pouwels this year. It's a college text and much more in-depth than a lot of HS material. It's been a good choice for my son. Great illustrations and maps throughout, as well.

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A History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer--good solid and built around stories -- good detail but interesting --the best for someone teaching themselves.


Traditions and Encounters volume 1

Voyage through world history volume 1 (This is the text I'm using with my world civ 1 college students next semester)

Ways of the World volume 1 (Used this with college students this semester)


Go on amazon, search ancient history textbook and see which books will let you look at tables of contents.

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