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Who is going to Arlington next weekend???

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I'm looking at the schedule and wondering if most of the talks will be generally inspiring, or sales pitches. :confused:


Which talks are you excited to hear? :bigear:


I'd like to visit the Miller Pad and Paper booth, but it would certainly be cheaper if I didn't. :lol:

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We will be there on Friday. There are only a couple workshops I want to go to. It is fun. We are mostly using it as an excuse to take a day off and go to the big city! :)


Most of the workshops are sales pitches. The ones in the main rooms are usually not to bad. The people giving them do have products to sell but their talks are not usually centered around their products. We heard Jim Weiss last year. :)


They are suppose to have a dinosaur exhibit this year. I have already banned my husband from going over there. He would not be able to keep his opinion to himself. :tongue_smilie:

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I'm planning on going Friday too. I'm not that interested in the seminars at this point. Might change my mind once we get there and want to hear a speaker or 2. I mainly need to look at geography and some literature guides. Miller Pad and Paper will be a big draw too. I'm curious what Rainbow Resource will bring. Analytical Grammar will be there too.

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I was tempted to, but it looks like a lot of super fundie folks (ALERT? BJU? Yuck). I've never been.


It does tend toward the conservative. Most of the workshops tend to be either sales pitches or how-to stuff for newbies. I usually go mostly for the vendors, although we really enjoyed Jim Weiss last year too. :001_smile:

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