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Requirements for entering European universities?

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Hello all,


I posted the following thread in the college forum, and someone suggested that I post it here as well:




Any help is much appreciated! We're hoping to document homeschooling (plus whatever else is needed) so that our daughter can enter a conservatory in the EU. Recommendations for specific European conservatories are welcome as well.


I'm glad to see that there are people here who live in Europe!

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Here at least, the conservatory doesn't fall under the university of system. And when I look at their home page, it is the same page as for much younger musicians meaning it is hard to figure out criteria.


When I look at the Swiss universities page, it doesn't include the Conservatory either, so I think it would fall under the category of "Haute ecole". What you should know is that the 'bachelors' degrees from "Hautes ecoles" are not equivalent to Bachelors from the universities listed on the university page...Eg, if you get a Bachelors at one of the Hautes Ecoles, you can not then get a masters in the 'university' at least not in the Engineering school...


At any rate, my dd's violin teacher said that it is not great - so no point in pursuing this one...


I'll ask him about EU conservatories if he has a free moment....


ETA you might want to check with schools in the US to see which Bachelors from Europe they will accept...



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Dear Joan,


Thanks very much for your reply, and also for your honest assessment of the Swiss conservatory you looked into. That's just the kind of info we need.


If you can ask your dd's violin teacher which he schools he recommends (anywhere in Europe) for serious violinists, I would be most, most grateful!


You're right that degrees don't always stack up evenly from country to country or system to system within a country. I got a whiff of this before we left the US, so I called Manhattan School of Music, where my dd was enrolled in pre-college, so see what they had to say. The answer, of course, was, "It totally depends." It no doubt depends on which US school you ask as well. We're currently making a short list of US schools for either undergrad or grad level as well, but that's an easier job than figuring out five different new systems in Europe.


I'm also encouraging my dd to get some other kind of training as a back up, so it's possible that she will want to attend a different kind of school as well, but it's just too complicated to figure out all the steps simultaneously, when finding out the first step in Italy takes months! I'm becoming strangely accustomed to not knowing enough to plan ahead very far, which would have driven my former American New Yorker self crazy.


I see your daughter is preparing for a competition. We rather miss those! Mine just did the one in the local school this year, because we don't know of any others yet. And we'll do a camp in Italy that is run by people from Manhattan School, and one in the US, to keep in touch and keep sharp.


Thanks again!

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Hi again,


I'm also answering from the College Board thread...


If you search Joan in Geneva and university - I got these results




They're not all relevant but some good hits...


Ester Maria also had some very good posts though I've got to run so don't have time to search....


lets see, other terms - diploma, credits, abroad, Europe/ean off the top of my head...


I'll try to remember to ask the teacher (we'll see him this afternoon probably).


About my documents...send me an email (use the email option under the avatar) and I'll answer on there as my PM box is almost full...



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If you can ask your dd's violin teacher which he schools he recommends (anywhere in Europe) for serious violinists, I would be most, most grateful!


He said if she is really serious, she goes to the teacher, and he's going to send me a list. But he said she would have to be really top notch to get a place with one of them.


And he reiterated the opinion I posted previously about the local c., which I think I better take off due to searches...:-)



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Hi Laura,


Ester Maria has posted an enormous amount about classical ed in Italy...


This is a search with her and "Italian" which includes this thread..


High School Exit exams elsewhere?


Here for her and "classical".


Sorry, still haven't heard back from the teacher...and I don't know how useful it is for you if you really want a conservatory....



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In Belgium the conservatory is not considered a university either. I looked at the website of the conservatory of music in Gent (the one my dad attended) and it seems like they require an entrance exam.


This is the link to their website, but it is in Dutch.





I do not know if all this has changed, but when I lived there, a student had to attend the music academy and pass all the tests for the music theory and the chosen instrument(s). This education had nothing to so with 'school'. It was independent and considered an extra curricular activity. From here on, one could go and attend the conservatory after graduating from high school. (or one needed to be 18, a high school diploma was not required then.)


I know there are 2 more conservatories in Belgium. One is located in Antwerp (http://www.artesis.be/conservatorium/), the other in Brussels (http://www.kcb.be/kcb/pagina/voorpagina-koninklijk-conservatorium-brussel). Both require entrance exams.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks, momof2cm! I did look at the linked brochures (at least the parts I could read), and they do say to present "proof of university certification." This is, of course, standard fare for Europeans and means exit exam results, but it requires interpretation for Americans, especially homeschooled ones.


It's true that conservatories are separate from universities, but they almost all require academic qualifications. Conservatory entrance exams are necessary as well. Since music isn't often a big part of the various secondary school curricula, there has to be some way to test skill level and theoretical knowledge.


At any rate, I'm still working on making a short list and making contacts in various countries, so we'll know where to concentrate in asking about what extra certification we need. I'll put these on the list of conservatories to ask about.


What instrument did/does your dad play? Is he still an professional or active musician?

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