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Dog biscuits, treats , snacks............

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....let's just say you do allow them for your pet.


We have a one year old, dachshund mix at a very good weight and very active. He eats 3/4 cup Iams Simple Natural each day. But he does enjoy a little "somethin' somethin' " throughout the day. I'm just curious what some safe "store-bought" treats (he likes chewy over crunchy) or if you might make some yourself? With all the crazy China-scares, etc. I worry about what we feed him. ( He doesn't like carrots...he does like lettuce and sweet potatoes though)

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On our last US trip we found Milo's Kitchen dog treats. They're home style, most of them are made in the US (one of the varieties was not; I think the chicken), pretty good quality.


There are sausage varieties, beef jerky varieties, and meatballs, besides the chicken. We bought ours at Wal-Mart but I imagine they are widely available.


Aside from that, our pooch likes fruit, but be careful with that. Ours loves grapes though I'm told they can be toxic. She also loves bananas, apples, watermelon, etc. but we had a friend's dog react to a slice of pear so just be cautious the first time you give a new fruit or veggie, just in case.

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