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"Easy" geography curric?


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The easiest thing I have ever done, that has been surprisingly effective is to just read aloud grade 4 Rod and Staff's Homelands Around the World.


After using Bedell, which is meant to be a read aloud, and using the R&S so effectively, I'm planning on acquiring more textbooks that work well as read alouds.


I like having a pile of books near the reading chair. If I'm too lazy to get up, I'll just keep reading. Knowing this about myself I've been making sure to leave a variety of things there for all subjects.

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The Complete Book of Maps and Geography, grade 3-6 workbook is great. You can use it for kids younger than 3rd grade as long as they can read and write.





It introduces a lot of great map reading skills with fun activities. My 5 yo son loves doing this book, but it's not too basic & would still be great for older children who need an introduction to geography & map skills.

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