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Stanford EPGY open enrollment classes in math/language -- anyone use?


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Our co-op is getting a group together to do Stanford EPGY open enrollment -- if they get 8 people they can register as a school and get a discount. These are online programs (no textbook, all online) which apparently allow the students to go at their own pace, you pay for so many months (pretty inexpensive with discount) and then the child can progress through as much as they can.


In particular we are looking at these programs for math. These are open beginning at K level. Our DS will be in 5th next year and loves math. Our DD is just going to be starting K. Of course, the thing is that the co-op announced this just after we bought our curriculum package (Calvert) for next year. :)


So...I was wondering if anyone has experience with Stanford EPGY and could give some honest feedback, either positive or negative.




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Guest lawtonre

I loved EPGY math for my son. He did K-5th grade. I love that it is self-paced. It also included logic and geometry, things he wouldn't have gotten in a standard curriculum. Since you are able to get it for a great price, I would highly recommend!

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Guest axbroc

I'm new to this post, but am interested in joining a "group" for EPGY open enrollment. Please let me know if you have openings. Thanks, Alicia

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