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Excellent purchase equals...typewriter

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Who would have thought that a typewriter would be such a wonderful hit for my dd (almost 5 yo)? Today, I found a really well kept deluxe typewriter at the Goodwill. I bought it for my dd to play with. She has been fascinated by the fact that Kit Kittredge uses one in all the American Girl books. Anyway, when I got to the register the cashier rang it up for $.99. And the bonus is when we got it home in the big box there was a box with new ink, new eraser tape, and a pack of typewriter paper.


My dd has been typing with it on and off for like 4 hours. She is using it to do dictation from books. She has been typing up all kinds of things. When she was getting her bath she asked if someone might try and steal it because it is such a special expensive piece of equipment ;)


Anyway, I think it is so cute and thought I would share.

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I had never been to an actual Goodwill store. They had a couple different boxed typewriters. And mine was tagged $6.99, but when I looked at my receipt in the car I saw it was only .99. Crazy!


My dd thinks it is way better than typing on our computers ?I highly recommend trying to find one at a local thrift store.

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Wow! That was a smokin' deal!


I've been wanting to get a typewriter for my kids for years. I can never find one for less than $20 - and they're in pretty poor condition at that.


Great find, Danielle!!


eta - I see you're in CO. I think the best thrift stores I've ever been to were in CO!

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My ds went through a typewriter phase, too. Our first one came from a rummage sale--$1. The second one was a fancy IBM Selectric from an Eckerd's that was closing down--$1. Don't have either of them anymore, but ds loved them for a couple of years before tiring of them.

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