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Best supplements to support immune system?

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I'm looking to add some supplements to help my DH's immune system.


Genetically, his immune system has always been weak. Meaning on his mother's side, his mom, his aunts, etc, they all get sick easily and are down with anything longer than most. Colds, the flu, etc, all hit them and hit them hard. (I'm basing this on how these illnesses affect the rest of my family. I rarely get sick and if I do, I've never been down for more than a day or two. My children are similiar for the most part. My DH will catch what we have, and be down for a week, and down twice as bad).


Add to that, he smokes. So we all know what that is doing to him, and just putting those toxins into your body everyday, just ugh. I've told him it's no wonder your body can't fight off any illness, your system is already on overdriving every day trying to fight off the crap that smoking does to you, it's got nothing left to fight off anything else.


Then add to that he works 50-60 hours a week at a very physically demanding job.


He'll pretty much follow any "plan" that I put out for him (except the smoking thing....I've tried, believe me, but at this point, I'm done with that fight, he's got do to on his own, and for himself). So I just need to get something figured out.


I know food plays a part, and we've got that covered for the most part. I am looking for supplements though. I don't want a multi-vitamin, I feel those are watered down with too much junk to actually do much.


So far, I'm thinking:

1. Chelated Zinc...was going to get this anyway for DS13 and some acne that is popping up, and myself for constant adult acnce, then read that it helps with general immune anyway...so we'll all three use it.

2. Vitamin D....since he works night shift, that means he mostly sleeps during the day, so he might be out and about during the day one day a week or so. So Vitamin D couldn't hurt.



Anything else anyone can suggest? I'm putting in a Vitacost order this week.



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First of all, is sounds like he needs a lot of healing on the inside!


The viruses hit him hard, probably because he is a smoker. :( My dad was a smoker and quit probably 30 years ago, and he STILL can get hit pretty hard when he has a cold. If he can quit that, it would be the bEST!


Anyway, he also needs some gut healing. I would suggest the GAPS diet, but it's a big commitment. Or, you can take some simple baby steps.


Here's something that we follow from Heal Thyself



Some supplements that we take to stay healthy:


Fermented Cod liver oil/High vitamin butter oil (Green Pastures Brand)

Dairy kefir and water kefir


When a virus hits, we do the above plus:

homemade elderberry syrup


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Vitamin D for sure--make certain it is D3 form. I'd consider giving him just under 10,000 IU per day (up to 10,000 per day is a safe dose for adults). Then consider having his 25(OH)D tested in 4 months or so to make adjustments. The vitamin D council has a link to purchase vitamin d tests you can do at home if he doesn't want to ask a doctor for a lab. Alternatively, most people need 1000 IU per 25 pounds to maintain current levels. You could dose him high for a few months and then drop to a maintenance dose.


I would not do a cod liver oil with him due to the vitamin A. This may be even more of an issue for smokers. There is enough evidence indicating there might be an issue that we stopped cod liver oil here. http://www.vitamindcouncil.org/news-archive/2010/vitamin-d-vitamin-a-and-cancer/




Epicore has proven benefits for the immune system. http://epicorimmune.com/


Florastor is also proven to help.



On the chelated zinc consider optizinc as your chelated form. http://www.vitabase.com/supplements/diabetes/zinc.aspx Lots of companies make that form outside of just vitabase.


We use bovine colostrum as well.


I'd focus on good (50 t0 80 on a 25OHD test) vitamin D, either Epicore or Florastor, and your zinc. On lifestyle it sounds like working on stress relief and making sure he gets adequate sleep would be the best bet. I'd bet he's really run down. :grouphug:

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