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More Algebra Questions - (someone please tell me I'm not crazy)

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I'm still fussing about whether to drop Jacobs Algebra for ds 14. It worked beautifully for dd, but guess what? They're different kids! I've been reading up on old Algebra posts, and have been reminded that Jacobs tends to be more chatty, even described as liberal-artsy, and, because there is less explanation given in the text, expects the student to learn through doing the practice problems. Perfect fit for dd, who is an artsy girl through and through, and learns best in context and by actually working through a problem.


Ds on the other hand has been complaining that there's not enough explanation, they just expect you to start doing problems. Duh!


So now I'm considering switching to Foerster's to finish out Algebra 1. Am I crazy? :glare: Does it matter which edition I get? Is there something else I'm missing. (And yes, I was just on a couple other threads ruminating over AoPS too, but I think I've convinced myself that's a more drastic change than I want to make.)



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