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We are doing LL 1 now, but I have Latin Prep for the fall. Can you tell me how you use it? I have the workbooks and the textbook. Do you let dc do the exercises in the textbook with a notebook, or orally? Do you use the workbooks or just the textbook? How do you schedule it? There are new words on different pages in each lesson. So what do you require dc to memorize?

I will use it with ds9 and Ds7. They both completed GSWL and are half way done with LL 1.

Thank you!

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My first impression is that it is written for an older crowd. It has a very British sense of humor and some of the cartoons are a bit bawdy.


I didn't use it until my dd was in 7th, but we started with LP2. She is finishing up LP3 right now. LL had not yet been published.


As for my youngers, they have both been using LL. My sixth grader is about 3/4 of the way through LL2 and I will move into LP2, partly as a review to cement Latin in his head, then to LP3,


Why do you want to move into LP2 instead of LL2? I would think that with younger kids there is more of an appeal with writing in a workbook (like LL) than with copying it out of the text like LP2. (Or maybe you are using the LP workbook for this?) Also, I think LL runs a little slower than LP and the explanations are a bit clearer.


Sorry I can't help you with the details on how to use LP. My oldest dd just kept a composition book for the LP books. Maybe you could have them make up flashcards for their LP books?



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Hobbes used the text books and work books for LP1. We did about half of the text book in the first year and the first work book. He was about ten at the time.


I did a lot of the work orally. The spelling of Latin is very logical and regular, so I didn't feel that he needed to write that much down and it was more fun to do orally. As far as I remember, we did all of the text book orally and he wrote down most of the the workbook exercises.


From my experience teaching the second half of book one and later books with Calvin, I did find that it was more useful to write translations down as they became more complex. It helped C to keep everything straight.


We learned the end-of-chapter vocabulary, plus all new grammar, but didn't bother with any extra words that were given as vocab to go with particular exercises.


About age ranges: I normally recommend LP from age 10, but age 9 could work if it's taken slowly. In (private) schools, the three books are used from 'year 5 upwards'. Year 5 is ages 9-10. The school that Hobbes finally joined does half of LP1 from age 10-11, then the second half from age 11-12, having previously done one year of Minimus.



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We are using it now. We just finished chapter one. I had her use a notebook for all the exercises in the text and then complete the workbook assignments as review. We did one or two of the text exercises orally, but she wrote (usually answers only) most in her notebook. If we had had full normal weeks, it would have taken two weeks. We had choppy weeks due to visits and convention, so it took three. The chapters will get much more difficult, and so we will plan for more weeks per chapter as time goes on.

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My 9yo DS is working on the 2nd half of LP 1. We're intentionally taking 2 years to work through it all. I add the words at the end of each chapter to DS' memorization work a week or so before we start the new chapter. He writes all his answers in a notebook, because he's a more kinesthetic? type of learner. It also slows him down some.:D


We work through all the textbook exercises first and then I turn him loose on the workbook. The difficulty really ramps up in the first few chapters. *I'd* hesitate to use it with a 7yo, but you can always try it out and see what happens. I also have the puzzle book, but we haven't done any of that yet. Anyway, DS really loves the program, has great retention, and is definitely challenged. Good luck.

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