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If you use stainless steel cookware...which utensils?

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Just ordered a Cuisinart multiclad pro stainless steel cookware set. I am gradually replacing kitchen items for safety and health concerns, and thus replaced my previous set.


According to the instructions, stainless steel utensils are fine but may scratch though not impair function.


I am trying to avoid plastic or nylon utensils, unless someone convinces me they are safe healthwise :001_smile:. (It is becoming difficult on knowing when to draw the line on replacing potentially unsafe products)


What utensils do you use on your stainless steel cookware? Looking for brand recommendations too.

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I use bamboo utensils mostly. I think I got mine at Ikea, but I've seen them in the grocery store.

They are safe on the few "non-stick" items I own too, and on my cast-iron. They're great all around!

I own one thin metal spatula for sliding under things that stick, and I think we have a plastic/nylon spatula for pancakes, but we use those rarely.

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