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May I brag a little on my girls?

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They both won their co-op classroom spelling bees a few weeks back and the "big bee" was Saturday. Sylvia was in 5th place and the youngest kid left on the stage. (And she was SO. cute!) Rebecca won 2nd and was the youngest in the top 3.




The kicker was that there was a 600 word list to study and due to messups on their end, we didn't get the list until 4 days before the bee. :glare: Sylvia basically didn't study at all, but Becca did her best on her own. She's very driven. ;)


And yes, Rebecca's shirt says, "Always BEE in Fashion." I couldn't resist!

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:hurray: Awesome!! Good for them! What a nice medal and trophy.


Here's my spelling bee story.....that still bugs me 12 years later :glare: :


When oldest dd was about 7 or 8, we went to a homeschool conference that also included a spelling bee that day. So, I let dd be in the bee. At the end, it was dd and one other girl left. The lady running the bee gives dd a word. Dd spells it wrong. Lady gives the other girl the same word. That girl starts spelling the word but she begins spelling it wrong (like the 3rd and 4th letter were spelled wrong). The lady interrupts her and says, "uh-oh.....can you give it another try??" The girl starts over and respells the word, correctly.....and wins. Now, how is that fair?? :cursing:

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