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New to this board: how to afterschool?

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Hello Everyone.


First of all, a quick introduction. I live in Western Canada and have been homeschooling my children for 6 years now using the WTM. This fall, my oldest son with our full support will be trying out a nearby public school for his 7th grade. I will be homeschooling the younger ones as usual. The school system where we live is of good quality. We will be checking out schools nearby to see which one is best for him to be in.


My first request is: I also would like to know what I should focus on helping him learn and build from now until September to prepare him for his first year in public school.


My second question is...how do I afterschool my son. How do I decide what to cover? When do we or should we afterschool?


Thirdly, how do I transition from homeschooling classically to knowing the school will not be covering some material (ie: grammar and its diagramming, lessons, etc) as in depth as we did or will not cover some subjects at all (we did world history, they will be doing social studies)?


I did search for some time on the threads of this board for answers to these questions, but there are so many pages that I could only find bits and pieces of information.


I would really like to hear from parents whose children are in the middle to high school years on how they afterschool. I am also interested in hearing from any Canadian parents like myself.

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Hi Charmayne, nice to see you here. I'm in the US, so not so helpful on the scope of the 7th grade in Canada, but was wondering if the schools there also have a lot of extracurricular after/before clubs, that might something to keep an eye out for when you select the right school for him.


Hopefully there will be a nice selection of group interests he lines up with.


A couple boards up from this one, you'll see the K-8th board, there might be some subject/material threads there that could be helpful as well.


You've been doing this a long time, so when the time comes and you meet the teachers and get your hands on the textbooks or titles you can browse though them to look for areas of afterschooling.


Do any of the schools in the area now have a general website with course websites and materials published now? I don't know if this is the year he starts with electives or not.


Any chance you have friends or family in the area that are in the school system to chat things over with?

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A change of events took place this weekend that I did not expect, but am pleased occurred. My son decided after much thought to wait to go to public school. So I will be continuing to homeschool him for grade 7.


Thankyou one*mom for replying to my post and for your useful questions. I am grateful for your help. I will keep the questions for the future.

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