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think i am sorted, 1st


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I think I am finally completely sorted for 1st grade. Suggestions, comments, input???


Core subjects



OPGTR (whatever is not finished already)

AAS starting at level 1





MUS alpha moving onto beta


lots of manipulatives and games


Unit studies (covering all other subject areas):

Will either continue with galloping the globe from this year (evan moor beginning geography, life sciences, mapping, art, cooking...)


will start SOTW1 with AG combined with REAL science (life) and Australian picture book unit studies

Not sure on which option we will go with, depends on if we want to continue with GtG for 2 years or start something new...


Anything I am missing? Input greatly appreciated.

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Looks great to me! I would just add in read alouds, but maybe you have that planned already.

They will be associated with whatever our unit study is at the time, so yes already planned (but somehow didn't quite make it to the list)

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Looks good!

Looks a lot what we're doing (except our math is CLE 1). We'll be doing Evan Moor Beginning geography/map skills for our Soc. Studies.

Good to hear! Always great to know you are not alone and that others have made similar choices.


We have already started beginning geography but at the rate we are working on it I expect it will take 2 years :001_smile:

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