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2012/2013 Curriculum: What do you plan to use?


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What do you plan on using? :001_smile:


C: Horizons 2, Apologia Astronomy (or swimming creatures, im not sure which yet?), SOTW Vol 1, Possibly Saxon 1 (unless we find something better), possibly ARFH B/T, and Positive Action Bible 1/2


L: R&S, Horizons K, PAB K and following science with C.

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We're going to do a second year of kindergarten, because I want to wait another year to start SOTW and she's a young kindergartener (birthday right near the cutoff date here).


I think our spine will be the Elemental History of the US. It has read-aloud selections, and I'm going to build on the lessons with additional activities and projects.


We're going to start Building the Foundations of Scientific Understanding. I was planning on starting it spring of this year, but we never really got to it.


I'm going to stick to the Zaner-Bloser handwriting, spelling, and grammar. She's almost done with the kindergarten level of all three, so I guess we'll start on the first grade level. I don't know how necessary they are, but she really likes them.


I'm still trying to figure out how to use both Math Mammoth and MEP without overloading the poor kid. I like both, and would like to use both.


We'll continue with Reading Eggs and Dreambox Learning.


The Scholastic Teaching Express activity guides quickly became my favorite curricular resources this year. We end up doing something from one of them almost every day. I now have the monthly guides for every month, so we'll do that.


I think I might buy the first level of Atelier Art. She'll continue to take dance, swimming, yoga, and maybe gymnastics, and we'll add in the town sports (soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, softball in the spring). Not sure if I'll add piano next year, or wait until 1st grade.

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S-6th grade:

McGuffey 3

Hake Grammar and Writing 5

Vocabulary From Classical Roots 6

Apples 2

Saxon Math 7/6

Latina Christiana

HOD Preparing:Bible, History, Science...


K-4th grade:

Rod and Staff Bible and Nurture 3/4

Climbing to Good English 3/4

Daily Grams

Spelling Plus with Dictation

WWE 2/3

Saxon Math 5/4

HOD Preparing: Bible, History, Science...


N-2nd grade:

Rod and Staff Bible and Nurture

Climbing to Good English 2

HOP/Phonics Pathways/Adventures in Phonics C

Saxon Math 3

HOD Beyond:Bible, History, Science...



HOP/Phonics Pathways/Adventures in Phonics A

Homemade Living Math--Maximum Math

HOD Little Hearts for His Glory

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these are our tentative plans:


5th Grade

Daily Bible Reading

History - Veritas Press: Old Testament & Ancient Egypt

Geography - Global Mania & Seterra

Math - CLE Grade 5

Spelling - Dictation Plus

Science - God's Design for Life: The World of Animals

Latin - Word Roots

Art - Meet the Masters

Writing - IEW SWI-A

Grammar - Abeka Grade 5 and Editor & Chief A1

Tying - Rapid Typing



3rd Grade

Daily Bible Reading

History - Veritas Press: Old Testament & Ancient Egypt

Geography - Global Mania & Seterra

Math - CLE Grade 3

Spelling - Sequential Spelling

Science - God's Design for Life: The World of Animals

Phonics - HOP Master Reader (currently doing this now - so he may be done by then)

Art - Meet the Masters

Writing - IEW SWI-A or BJU English 3 (I own both, still undecided)

Grammar - BJU English 3 or Grammarland (and the free worksheets)

Handwriting - HWT Cursive

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DD6-1st grade:


HOD BLHFHG with all recommended resources

Singapore Math(We'll probably wrap up 1A/1B and start 2A)

Finish A Reason for Handwriting A/possibly move on to CLP's Writing with Diligence



DD4 K4


Teach Me Joy's Fruit for Tender Hearts

Developing the Early Learner


Abeka A Handbook for Reading

CLP's In the Beginning Handwriting

Singapore Earlybird Math



Nature Study using a variety of resources

Song School Latin

Picture Study using Come and Look With Me books


I also have saved various unit studies and resources from Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, Scholastic, and Currclick that I plan on implementing.

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DD 4th: Paths of Settlement (American History, State and President study, and Earth Science will be included this year), Memoria Press/Veritas Press lit & guides, Prima Latina, Story Grammar/Sentence Composing, and other eclectic sources for language arts. Saxon 6/5 with DIVE as well as Singapore IP 4a/4b and CWP 4. iPad educational apps to supplement.


DS 2nd: POS (American History, State and President study, and Earth Science will be included this year), Memoria Press/Veritas Press lit & guides, and an eclectic mix of sources for language arts. Singapore Math 2a/2b, IP and CWP 2 also. iPad educational apps to supplement.


*ETA: Have to work on handwriting with my DS, so we are using the Italics series.

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3rd grader-

R&S math with Addition and Times Tables the Fun Way

R&S Bible, reading, and phonics



Aha! Science

MOH 1 with SOTW 1

Learnables Spanish-finish 1 and begin 2

Typing Instructor for Kids

Drawing with Children


9th grader-

MUS Algebra 1

Progeny Press guides


Finish R&S grammar from this year

Apologia biology

ACE world geography

Learnables Spanish 2

Drawing with Older Children and Teens

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study

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2012-2013: 10th, 9th, 7th, and 4th grades... + 2 & 3 year olds




TOG Year 3: History, Literature, Writing, Geography, Fine Art/Arts & Crafts



Highschool - Sigh.....

7th & 4th - Elemental Science

3 & 2 yos - Animals of the world


Littles: HOD Little Hands to Heaven


School Age: Saxon Math, Rod & Staff English, Spelling, Latin, Pentime Penmanship


Highschool: Saxon Math, Rod & Staff English, German, Latin, Typing

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C - 10th Grade Sonlight Core 100, Analogies 1, Winston Grammar Advanced, Queen's Language Lessons (possibly), Sonlight Biology, Sonlight Personal Finance, Sonlight College and Career Planning, Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2, Rosetta Stone Spanish or Italian.


N - 7th Grade Sonlight Core F, Keys to Good Language 5, Sonlight Science F, Teaching Textbooks 7 or Pre-Algebra, Rosetta Stone Spanish or Italian (possibly).


A - 6th Grade Sonlight Core D+E,Winston Grammar, All About Spelling (possibly), Winterpromise Equine Science, Teaching Textbooks 6, Rosetta Stone Spanish or Italian (possibly).


This is all subject to change of course. Lol! :D

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PreK Son: Right Start and Singapore Earlybird A, Get Ready for the Code and HWT PreK


Kindy Son: Right Start and Singapore Earlybird B, Explode the code, HWT K


3rd Grade DD: Singapore and MM 3b and 4a, Miquon, PR3, WWE 2 & 3, Song School Latin, and A Reason for Handwriting.


Kindy Son and DD together: TOG Y 3, Spanish, Apologia Zoology 2, and Artistic Pursuits.

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dd4: HWT PK & K

Singapore Essential Math A & B

Reading Reflex w/lots of early readers


ds7: Singapore 2B & 3A

HWT 3 & 4



Independent writing using the writing process

L'art de Lire 1-2

Artistic Pursuits 1


dd8: Singapore 3A & 3B

Independent writing using the writing process

L'art de Lire 3-4

Artistic Pursuits 2


Together: Sonlight Core 3/D w/advanced readers

WTM-style study of earth science and astronomy

Study of American artists and composers

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Math Mammoth 4

All About Spelling

MCT Island

Writing With Ease 3

Pictures in Cursive or some other cursive practice workbook

I Speak Latin, possibly with GSWL

Head of the Class Spanish, maybe Homeschool Spanish Academy

Winter Promise Equine Science

Meet the Masters

Bastien Piano

tumbling, horseback riding and Girl Scouts


I put together my own history and literature program using suggestions from AO, HUFI, Milestones Academy, Mater Amabilis and my home library. The main history books are A Child's History of the World and Our Island Story.

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Here's the lineup for us:


1st DD (will be 6yrs/1st grade):

Math: CLE 1

Phonics: OPGTR (+ETC +Starfall/ReadingBear +BOB books +phonics games)

Bible: The Beginner's Bible + Growing with Jesus devotional

Science: TWTM science recs

Grammar: FLL1

Writing: WWE1

Geography: Evan Moor ~ Beginning Geography

Art: How To Teach Art to Children



2nd DD (will be 4):

CLE Kindergarten II program


2-day church preschool

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Ds 11th grade:


Systematic math alg.2

3rd Form Latin (after 2nd, started it late this year)

Notgrass Exploring American History

IEW American history writing lessons

Teaching Co. American Literature lectures

PAC Precept and Theories of Biology and Anatomy and Physiology

Alpha Omega Civics

Video Gamer programming/Animations/computer repair (he's doing this on his own using you tube video tutorials and a C++ book I bought him)


Ds 4th grade: I'm trying an LCC year with him this year


CW Aesop A

Latina Christiana 1

HWOT cursive

Singapore 3B/4A (maybe some MUS)

Exploring the World of Physics

The complete Book of Maps and Geography


for history we'll either use Biblioplan (I have it already) or i'll make up my own history and lit. based on what's on my shelves and what's available at my library.



Ds K:



MEP or Fun math or Ray's Arithmetic




What You K'er Needs to Know for literature, history, and poetry. We'll probably use SCM artist portfolio's and their composer study list.

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Guest Tressmom

For dd6....1st grade

Finish BJU Math 1 & BJU Math 2

ETC 5 & 6

Finish BJU English 1 & BJU English 2

No formal Reading program....Book Lists

Abeka Science 2

BJU Heritage Studies 2

Art classes & currently discussing violin lessons


Still deciding on Bible & Spelling


For ds4....K in Fall


ETC 1 & 2

BJU Math K

Sit in on other subjects


Both will be in a weekly co-op taking classes also.

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these are our tentative plans:


7th Grade


Math - Jacobs Geometry

Spelling - Finishing Spelling Power

Science - Apologia General Science

Writing - Writing Strands

Grammar - All in One

Tying - Free online




Math - Singapore Earlybird

Phonics - Reading Eggs & ETC

HOD Little Hands to Heaven

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DS5 Kindergarten:

Sonlight Core A 4 Day with Grade 2 Readers

Sonlight Science A

Ambleside Year 1 Lit*

CM Artist and Composer Studies

Getting Started with Latin*

StartWrite Italic

Math Mammoth*

Artistic Pursuits

Daily Bible Reading and Memory Work*



* means a continuation of something we're already using



Tagging along with the above.

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First Grade

Horizons Math 1

Horizons Reading 1




Song School Latin

Galloping the Globe (to include geography, science, and history)

Usborne Famous Artists and Art Fraud Detective

Stories of Great Composers 1

Gotta Have God Devotional


That looks like a huge list!

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4th grade ds:

History: Biblioplan Year 2 with SOTW as spine

Bible: Positive Action for Christ Building Life Castles

Math: BJU 4th/5th

Writing: IEW SWI-A, possibly in a co-op setting

Spelling: ACSI (older edition) with BigIQKids

Grammar: (trying A Beka now, not sure though)

Literature: Book Club; BJU Reading 4th

Science: (not sure yet, maybe BJU)

Critical Thinking Workbooks


I might be keeping a friend's child one day a week, and we may do Trail Guide to World Geography on that day.

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5th Grade

Math - Saxon 65

Literature - my own selections, with some lit guides

Reading/Spelling - Saxon Phonics Intervention

Writing - SWI-A, journal w/ prompts

History - SOTW 1 and History of the Ancient World

Science - Elem. Science Physics, Inquiry in Action Chem, Snap Circuits, science kits, Lyrical Science CDs

Spanish - Elementary Spanish 1-2 (he is very dyslexic so I am going SLOW)

Art - ARTistic Pursuits K-3 with his brother



Unit Studies: Evan-Moor "All About" Early Childhood Themes, Carson-Dellosa themes

Reading: PAL Reading plus lots of extra readers

Writing: PAL Writing

Math: RightStart A and Singapore 1 when he's ready

Science: Evan-Moor Everyday Literacy: Science to supplement the unit studies

Spanish and Art with his older brother

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DS 5, will start first this summer.


Math: BA 3A, LOF elementary, miquon? SM? (math is a bit confused at the moment)

LA: MCT and possible something else

French: skoldo

Latin: minimus

HWT: first grade book

Science: nature studies

History: SOTW ancients


I'm building our library now for literature studies, he plays drums and soccer, and takes swim lessons.

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Tentative plan:


Bible- God's Great Covenant New Testatment 1, Boy's Devotional and Sticky Situations devotionals

Math- Abeka Arithmetic 3, Math Rider for drills, Khan Academy

Language Arts- WWE, R & S, ETC, FLL, TOG Literature & Writing Aids (I know LA looks like overkill, but I like to mixi it up - we definitely don't do it all on the same day!)

Science- RSO Chemistry, Elemental Science Chemistry and Creek Edge Press Chemistry Cards

History- TOG Year 4 w/ SOTW and continue VP Online History

Geography- TOG, Weekly Reader Map Skills, Road Trip USA, and maybe Creeek Edge Press Cards (Again, looks like overkill, but I mix it up)

Health- Abeka 3

Fine Arts- TOG and Creek Edge Press Task Cards, Artistic Pursuits

Latin- Prima Latina

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I'm trying to get my dd to step things up a bit next year, since we've been quite low-key this year (it was our first year homeschooling).


5th grade



  • math: finish Singapore 4A and keep moving ahead. I hope to finish 5A, but time will tell. We use ixl.com to reinforce skills.
  • reading/lit: Selections from her bible, Classical House of Learning Ancients, and some poetry.
  • music: daily flute practice w/ a weekly lesson; choir; The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra.
  • History: ancients using SOTW and Classical House of Learning. We'll add mapwork and perhaps a Jackdaw portfolio
  • Spelling: continue w/ AAS. Starting about 1/3 into book 4, hoping to finish most of book 5. I'll probably add a bit more advanced dictation into her spelling time.
  • Foreign Language - I approach this with fear and trepidation, but we'll most likely do Spanish. We might use Learnables, and then I'd set up conversations with Spanish-speaking friends, and get some basic readers/audiobooks from the library.
  • Science - if we end up having my son at home, we'll use Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding. If not, we might use the WTM suggestions or do something else. I am lost in this area.
  • Logic - we have a lot of logic stuff around so will not do something formal. I do keep a few workbooks in the car for when she's bored, and we play a lot of games. She'll also complete the (small) logic section on ixl.com.
  • art - we'll get a basic "how to draw" kid's book at the library for her to work from and will see where that goes. I'd like to also move into painting and modeling but it's not a huge priority to me.
  • writing and grammar - I really want to weave this into all the other subjects and not do a formal program at this time. We'll continue notebooking and narration (just started that in the past few months). If she seems ready, we'll start outlining a bit.


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Older DS


AOPS Algebra or NEM 1/2 as supplement

Mr. Q physics. might add rainbow science



PE: soccer/ski/tennis depends on season


Younger DD

Miquon blue/green Might add SMM 2a/b.. has the book but we will see

HOP master reader

SM startup science



PE:ice skating/ski/swim depends on season

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I have to be on my toes, and switch up on a moment's notice, as the students I tutor come into and out of my life. I'm able to be a bit more steady in my own self-education.


Handwriting: I love WRTR, and that is all I teach with. If they want something else they will have to go elsewhere. Mastery of handwriting is a priority, probably #1.


Spelling/Grammar/Comp: WRTR, Riggs and CGE and Understanding Writing. Composition will focus on writing the friendly letter and reports. Dictionary and reference book skills, including the respelling exercises in CGE 2 and 3. Sentence Family along with the figure drawing resources listed below.


Reading/Lit: Spalding's McCall-Crabb, Pathway, NIrV and KJV. I'm a big believer in using the Bible as the primary literature book. For reading aloud I use the NIrV. For literary appreciation I use the KJV. I want to cover at least one movie in Movies as Literature.


Strayer-Upton Math, and Aufmann junior college remedial texts and free software.


Science/Social Studies/Bible: Mostly Bedell, but a little BFSU, and Mr Q for about 2 labs. Great Adventure Bible Timeline. Bits of MOH volume 1 as a read aloud. Encyclopedias.


Geography: Lots of map drawing and discussion of biomes with Draw Write Now and R&S grade 4 as a read aloud. Geography Songs.


Waldorf for handwork with an emphasis on knitting a scarf, and hand sewing on gingham. To be worked on during read alouds.


Art: An emphasis on figure drawing using Draw Write Now, 123 Draw, Ed Emberly Finger Print, and some fashion design books, to be used with Sentence Family (above). The crayon "paintings" in Augsburg using Faber-Castell Beeswax crayons, to make greeting cards, to be included in the friendly letter lessons.


CLE and Easy Fake Hymn Book for Music. Joyful noise for scripture memory songs.


Read alouds about a different sport each month and attendance at a sporting event, or home viewing of a game or movie.


Creating a cookbook notebook for one of my students, to cover handwriting and organization as much as cooking.


Mastery of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets and interlinear and word study skills. Emphasis on how languages work.

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Still planning some...


3rd grader:

Math Rightstart D and MM 3

Grammar R&S English or Abeka or FLL (he used abeka and FLL this year and I like them both, but I have a brand new set of R&S so might be using that

Spelling AAS3 (finish) and start AAS4


5th grader:

Math: MM 5 w/ CWP

Grammar: No clue...Either cont. w/ abeka, or try KISS or Saxon, or use the R&S I have on the shelf which he HATES (so that probably won't happen) maybe Grammarland along w/ the ALL sample (why can't they just finish ALL?)

Spelling AAS 5 (finish) and 6




Bible: I'll read out loud in the a.m.-thinking of Who Is God? by Apologia, and they will each be beginning their own bible time/devotions


History Early American-putting something together using various things I have

Literature picking and choosing off of AO yr 2, 3 and 4 lists, along with others I think they'll enjoy

Latin GSWL cont. We haven't gotten very far in this at all. :(

Art ? I'm hoping our co-op will cover this! :D

Music I would like to have him start piano lessons or the local homeschool orchestra....but not sure if it will be in the budget -plus composer study and learning about the instruments in the orchestra

Science Elemental Physical Science

Writing: Classical Writing Aesop



also co-op which is fun stuff...not sure if I've remembered everything....

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Combined Curriculum 1st Grade & 2 Pre-K's


Ancient History - Story of the World with Actvity Book. Parts of History Odyssey & Myths, Maps & Marvels meshed in.


Geography - Expedition Earth re-arranged to Galloping the Globes Table of Contents. Using extras from Homeschool Creations and a homemade version of Little Passports (we have real looking plane tickets etc) and Montessori Continent Boxes (with lots of books/toys/cards & goodies). Culture Geography will be done over 3 years, so this year is Asia and a bit of Europe. Also using Leafrog Tag Map and Shepperd Software


Science - Elemental Science with Labs from Real Science Odyssey to suit the week at hand. Real Science 4 kids (Biology pre-level & 21 super experiments biology) for holidays/ enrichments etc.


Aussie Studies - Suceeding in Social Studies 1 (2 pages a week) & Australian Book Traveller stratched out to 20 weeks. (Also having Australian Continent Box)


Bible - Read & Share Units 1 & 2. A sing, watch play & create type program with puppets.


Language Arts (1st Grade) - Worldy Wise, Write Source, Growing with Grammar, Writing with Ease & First Language Lessons.


Language Arts (Pre-K) - Letter of the Week by Confessions of a Homeschooler.


All About Learning Press - All About Reading Pre-Level 1 (All kids), All About Reading Level 1 (1st Grade), All About Spelling (1st Grade)


Maths - (1st Grade - Singapore Maths, Life of Fred & Maths Lesson for a Living Education) (Pre-k Child 1: Singapore Maths 2yr Preschool/kinder programme) (Pre-k Child 2: Big Book of Preschool Maths - Singapore)


Enrichments (Combined) - Harmony Fine Arts, Mind Benders Software, Health, Safety & Etiquette (made by me), 1 Messy/Fun unrelated to learning Craft a week, just picked on Fun Factor.


Enrichments/Electives (1st Grade) - Home Economics for Homeschoolers Book 1, MusIQ Piano, Rosetta Stone Latin


Enrichments (Prek) - Montessori Trays, Sensory Tubs


I probably forgot something on that list LOL

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8th -

Heart of Dakota's Resurrection to Reformation

additional free reading - 2nd half of Sonlight Core G

possibly BJU Science 8 (Earth Science) - may replace Science in Resurrection to Reformation - not sure yet

Rod & Staff English 6

IEW's Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons

Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek 4

English from the Roots Up Vol. 2

Memoria Press's study guide for Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Memoria Press's study guide for Shakespeare's As You Like It

Shakespeare for the Ears, Shakespeare for Dummies

finish up The Thinking Toolbox if he doesn't finish it this summer then start

Memoria Press's Traditional Logic 1

continue Red Herrings series

MathUSee Pre-Algebra

Patty Paper Geometry



5th -

Heart of Dakota's Preparing Hearts for His Glory

BJU Science 5 - to supplement science in Preparing Hearts

Rod & Staff English 4

Spelling Power

Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek 2

English from the Roots Up - finish up Vol. 1

Mind Benders, Red Herrings

MathUSee Delta/Epsilon



Both - Geography Co-op

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Possibly Calvert 1st grade....not sure yet.


If not, then for my son AO Year 1, LA-LLATL Blue, Reading Eggs, and Language Lessons for Little Ones Vol 2, Math-RightStart A, Dreambox, Science-NOEO or Elemental Science, History-RHO Ancients or the history selections from AO 1, Queen's history readers, and maybe BFB Early Amnerican History Primary Jumbo Pack, Copywork-Printing With Pictures B and C, Picture and Music Study-Harmony Fine Arts Grade 1, and maybe Spanish-Whistlefritz


For DD, Calvert Pre-K and ABCMouse.com

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SOTW ancients, R&S grammar, Spelling Workout, WTM style writing, Saxon math, OPGTR, HWOT, Artistic Pursuits, LOTS of "Good Books", and a mix match of science from WTM, Elemental Science and the various books/ kits we've collected.

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Both kids:

Further Up & Further In

BFSU and living books for science

A Little History of the World

Lots of reading good books

Alternating GrammarLand and The Sentence Family

Either Getting Started with Latin OR English From the Roots Up


5th/6th Grader:

Math Mammoth

LOF Fractions, and Decimals & Percents

Brave Writer/Writer's Jungle OR am considering Writing Skills Book 1

StottleMeier (logic)

Lots of reading


3rd/4th grader:

Math Mammoth


Elson Readers

Brave Writer Lifestyle OR am considering Writing Skills Book A

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added Latin & logic, added writing
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Here's what I have currently planned (subject to change, of course :)):


4th grader:

-R&S Math 4

-BJU English 4

-R&S Spelling 4

-A Reason for Handwriting D

-R&S Social Studies 4

-R&S Science 4

-Abeka Art

-Lots of readers and read-alouds


2nd grader:

-MCP Math B

-BJU English 2

-ETC books 4,5,6

-R&S Spelling 2

-A Reason for Handwriting B

-Abeka Art

-Living books for history and science

-Lots of readers and read-alouds

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Already changed my mind, lol.
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Young Scientists Club (supplemented with related books)

Art with a Purpose and various learn-to-draw type books

CLE Math


I Speak Latin

CLE Handwriting (Manuscript for 1st and Pentime for 5th)

Story of the Orchestra



Evan Moor Beginning Geography




Complete Book of Maps and Geography (we may actually finish it finally)

Geography Coloring Book

LoF Fractions

Getting to Know the World's Great Artists series

Getting Started with Spanish

Piano Adventures

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9th grade


Latin I / Latin II (dual enrollment)

Composition I / Composition II (dual enrollment)

AP Human Geography (FLVS) + booklist

AP Environmental Science (FLVS) + TC Earth at a Crossroads

Algebra II (Saxon and LOF)

Anthropology (.5) / Sociology (.5) - (FLVS)

World Religions (.5) / Philosophy (.5) - (FLVS)

Jr. Varsity volleyball

YMCA Leadership program


7th grade


Breaking the Barrier Spanish (first half)

Lingua Mater 7 / GP SYR English 3 / The Creative Writer

GP SYR History 1 and 2 / TC The Vikings / booklist

Comprehensive Science 2 (FLVS) + TOPS Sound and Rocks & Minerals

Saxon 76 / LOF Decimals / Key to Decimals / Key to Percentages

Music Theory II (online with CLAA)

Kolbe Jr. High Literature





3rd grade


Latin I A & B (CLAA)

MCT Grammar Island & Practice Island / GP Jr. English 2 / Pentime 3 & 4

GP Jr. History 1 / booklist

Chronology & Geography (CLAA)

Science ????

Saxon 54 / Singapore 3 A/B + IP, CWP / LOF D, E, F, G

Skoldo French I

MP Greek Alphabet book

Kolbe Elementary Literature

maybe - Phonics of Drawing / Themes to Remember




1st grade


Oak Meadow 1

Pentime 1B

GP Jr. History 1 + booklist

Singapore 1A + IP, CWP / Saxon 1B

Skoldo French 1

maybe - Phonics of Drawing / Themes to Remember



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ds12, ds11: Omnibus 1

ds9, ds8, ds6: VP Self Paced OT/Ancient Egypt, Sonlight Readers

ds9, ds8: VP Narnia Guide

All: Saxon math

ds12, ds11, ds9: Visual Latin/Lingua Latina

ds8: Getting Started with Latin

ds12, ds11: Elementary Greek 2 (might have ds9 start on 1)

All: Rod & Staff Spelling

All: Rod & Staff English

ds12, ds11, ds9: Classical Writing

ds8, ds6: Writing With Ease

ds12, ds11: Art of Argument

ds9, ds8, ds6Mind Benders, Blast Off with Logic

All: Map Trek, Geographic Literacy

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Dd - Kindergarten


Peak with Books

Tanglewood Phonics Program (w/Spalding phonics and spelling rules)

Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Book A

Miquon Math

Tanglewood Health and Safety

BFSU K-2 (slowly, topics correlated with ds')

Nature Study

The Story Book of Science

Artistic Pursuits K-3

My World and Globe and Peoples of the World

The Easy Spanish Jr. and Muzzy and Cantemos DVD

Poetry for the Very Young

A Child's First Bible


A couple of Kumon workbooks

The Preschoolers' Busy Book (for kids from 3-6)

Carefully chosen living books



Ds - 3rd-4th Grade



GP Jr. English Book 3

CM Writing: studied dictation, copywork, oral and beginning written narrations across the curriculum

MM 3B, 4A

History Odyssey Early Modern Level 1, adapted to be more CM

BFSU 3-5

Nature Study

Poetry for Young People Series (Carroll, Longfellow)

Spanish for Children, Rosetta Stone Spanish, and Muzzy Spanish

Picture Study Mike Venezia's books

Composer Study Mike Venezia's books

Artistic Pursuits K-3

Science Smart - Geography and Maps section

The Children's Bible - Old Testament


Carefully chosen living books

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We'll be continuing with TOG, PR, MM, and SWI A, and art lessons for 4th and 6th graders. Also swimming and piano lessons.


We'll be adding Typing Instructor for Kids, RS4K Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, and maybe MP Greek Alphabet Book.

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DD - PreK


Sonlight P4/5

Science - Big bag of science experiments

Math - Singapore EB (or MUS primer, or MEP, or just play. Still not 100%)

Geography - geopuzzles and States and Capitals Songs

Critical thinking - prek books from Critical Thinking Co

Handwriting - HWT prek w/ stamp & see and chalkboard

Phonics - ETC online

Language - Song School Latin and Signing Time

Plus Kumon workbooks and a lot of hands on activities and play

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I am moving away from boxed curriculum for the first time, and pulling from many different sources. I'm nervous!


For DS & DD who I will consider 4th graders next year I'm doing the following:


Curriculum I'm sure about:

Math: TT3 for DS, TT4 for DD

Art: Meet the Masters

Handwriting: HWT cursive

Science: REAL Science Odyssey Earth & Space (2 days/week) and Life (1 day/week)

Foreign language: Rosetta Stone Russian 1


Things I'm almost sure about:

History: History Odyssey Modern Times

Spelling: Sequential Spelling

Writing: IEW Fairytales, Myths, & Fables plus I'll have them do some writing assignments based on the books they're reading. I want to focus primarily on writing strong paragraphs, summarizing stories or events, and creative writing.

Literature: I think I'm going to use the literature suggestions for History as the bulk of their reading, but I'm not 100% sure

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6th Grade:

Math Mammoth 6

VP online history- Middle Ages

Wonder of God's Creation Earth Science

Rod & Staff grammar

LOE Spelling

IEW writing

Fallacy Detective

VP Lit & Comp. Guides

Henle Latin

Elementary Greek I

Violin & Guitar lessons

Mark Kistler Drawing


Computer Programming w/DH



5th Grade:

Math Mammoth 5

VP online history- Middle Ages

Wonder of God's Creation Earth Science

Rod & Staff grammar 5

Building Spelling Skills 5

IEW writing

Fallacy Detective

VP Lit & Comp. guides

Henle Latin

Elementary Greek I

Violin & Piano lessons

Mark Kistler Drawing


Computer Programming w/DH


Pre-K (based on readiness)


LOE/PP combo phonics

Cursive handwriting

Song School Latin

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