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?Possible to buy k12 World History: Our Human Odyssey

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I have never used K12 Human Odyssey, but if I had a do-over, I would definitely consider it. I have always found it difficult to track down, but here's a link for you.


It is a 3 book set:

7th - The Human Odyssey Volume 1: Prehistory Through the Middle Ages

ISBN: 1931728534

8th - The Human Odyssey Volume 2: Our Modern World, 1400 to 1914

ISBN: 1931728569

HS - The Human Odyssey Volume 3: From Modern Times to Our Contemporary Era

ISBN: 1601530188


I tagged this thread. Check out the tags for more information.



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I was able to find all three through a combination of ebay and abebooks. Between $10 and $15 each. Whenever I'm looking for used books I first start with an isbn number search on isbn.nu which pulls and compares listings from all the various reseller sites.


The student workbooks are harder to come by but we aren't using them. I'm just using the books as a supplement because they are a nice read.

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I have the high school text World History: Our Human Story. I got it used on Amazon, but that was the only time I've ever seen it there, and I looked for it several times before finding it. It is very similar to the Human Odyssey series (which I also have) and it even says in the front that parts of the Human Odyssey were adapted for Our Human Story.


I got their American Odyssey book back before it was available for purchase on their website by calling them and asking to buy it (I said I wanted to review it before signing my son up for the course, but never signed him up). Another way you could get it is to actually sign your child up for the course and then withdraw him during the money back guarantee time.

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