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Chemistry for a non-science kid...

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Dd needs to take Chemistry next year, and I had been reading threads this last year about programs more suited to those students who aren't math and science oriented. I thought I'd remember the names of those programs, but I don't. Would you all mind reiterating those chem programs? Dd HATES science and finds it very difficult to understand.

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We're using Spectrum this coming year. I think all of the labs will actually make it EASIER for her to truly understand it plus then her brother is willing to get involved and go through the class with her.


This is very learner style dependent. My ds who is uninterested in science (although good at it), learns nothing from labs. He learns by reading, not by doing. We still do lots of labs, but I know they are for experience and transcript purposes not for learning. For him Spectrum would be a disaster.


I am planning to have him use Caveman Chemistry next year, along with Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments and CK12 for a bit of more traditional Chemistry supplementation.

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