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What is the best (and hopefully under $20) ASL dictionary?

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Or is there a website that has the information for free? I was looking at ASL dictionaries on Amazon, but the negative reviews are worrying me, and I don't know anyone IRL that I can ask.


My kids LOVE Signing Time. We've gotten the first 3 dvds since February, but I can't keep buying them all the time (at almost $20 a dvd!) and our library doesn't have them. And now Ds5 is making up his own signs, and I don't want him memorizing things wrong. I'd rather be able to tell/show him the real sign. Of the signs he made up today, see-saw, clock, rock, I could only find rock online. He actually came close!


So is there someone on here with experience with sign language who could point me in the right direction, please? TIA!

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I love ASL University (http://www.lifeprint.com)! He has an extensive dictionary that addresses regional differences as well as multiple meanings and much of the nuances of ASL. I also prefer online sites that have video because it is sometimes hard to tell what a sign is from a print illustration. The site also has lesson plans that may be a bit above your DS's level right now but you could still break them down and use them as a guide. He also include great discussions of ASL grammar and Deaf culture, which IMHO are an important part of learning the language.


ASL pro is one I don't recommend.

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