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gardening question--peach tree

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Like so many places this spring has been unseasonably warm and lots of things have started blooming much earlier than they should...even though there will be risk of frost yet. Most things I don't care THAT much about...but I have a dwarf peach tree that is about 4 years old and I have been babying it along these 4 years with the hopes of getting some fruit this year. (we got 5 little peaches last year). But it is all full of nice pink flowers and these next couple nights are suppose to dip close to freezing 32-33 degrees...and one night even a little bit colder. One place I heard, if it only stays that cold for an hour or two, we should be ok....I also heard, that if I run a sprinker on the tree that will keep it form frosting as long as it doesn't get so cold that the sprinkler water would freeze, and I don't think it will at 32, will it? Anyway does anybody know anything about this...is there anything I can do to protect my little tree (it is about 7 feet tall).

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Can you cover it with a blanket?


We had a very warm winter, and it was in the 70's for a few weeks, maybe the 80's, and many of my trees and plants were blooming. My peach tree had buds on it.


Then it froze down into the 20's two nights in a row.:confused: Many of my plants and trees were horrribly damaged.


That was about two months ago, and temps have been consistently very warm (even into the 90's), and that peach tree *just now* put out some flowers. Same with my apple trees.


I thought they were dead.


All that to say, maybe you can cover your tree and protect it. Also, pile mulch up in a nice heap at it's trunk base. I have heard of people piling blankets around the trunk as well, or putting a light under a blanket.. The sprinkler trick only works if you run it the entire time the temps are below freezing.

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I;ve seen my sister in law and brother in law wrap much bigger apricot tree prior to a late freeze. If I remember right, they used some big, old fashioned Christmas lights to add warmth.


You'll get a few degrees warmth by tossing a tarp or a big blanket over it tonight.


Good luck. NOTHING tastes better than a freshly picked, ripe, juicy peach.

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