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Opinions of the VP Narnia Literature Guide?


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Hi- I am looking for a good guide to lead us through studying the Chronicles of Narnia. Has anyone used the one from VP and liked/not liked it?

Any others you would suggest?


This would be for my 10 year old and maybe the 8 yo also.




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I generally prefer the VP guides over the Progeny Press lit guides. The questions in the VP guides seem more straightforward, more about reading comprehension, whereas the PP guides contain many open-ended questions plus looking up Bible verses/passages. So it's a matter of preference, really.


I used the the VP Narnia guide for several of the Narnia books. I didn't assign every single question as written work, though. We skipped some questions or did some orally. The VP guides have some activities and games, too. So, if you're looking for some basic recall and reading comprehension questions (with answers in the back) and some activities, the VP guide will probably be a good option for that age group.


If you want more thought-provoking questions, you may want to take a look at the Narnia guides by Christian Novel Studies. Or, even better, use a list of socratic-style questions to create your own discussion!


I actually like doing a little of both -- the VP format for written work and the socratic format for discussion. Back when we did the Narnia books, I didn't know how to come up with my own discussion questions, so the CNS guides were helpful.



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