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lead-based paint on decorative plates?

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Would you hang plates in your home if they had lead-based paint on them?


Someone just asked me if I wanted some decorative plates and a plate rack that she didn't want anymore. I said, "Sure!" And they are pretty.


Then she told me they had lead paint on them, and it felt awkward to say I didn't want them after all. She made a big deal about washing her hands after she touched them. :confused: One of her kids has a mild delay, and she seems to be getting rid of toxins in her home.


Would you be concerned about this? Do you think they'd be ok on an out-of-reach wal

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I would hang them on the wall without another thought. We have some leaded crystal, and we just use it for decoration. Many front doors have leaded glass, many toys (especially dollar store toys) have lead, aluminum is bad too, and it is in some cooking wear and utensils as well as aluminum foil obviously. We have floride our water and toothpaste, oh I try not to think about it all. I will stop before I feel the need to put away my aluminum backed iPad.

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