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Wordly Wise or Sadlier-Oxford Vocab Workshop?

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I'm a big fan of gaining vocabulary through reading, but also spending some time having children see words they might not have encountered (or glossed over) in a book before. I know that a lot of my own vocabulary was gained from reading out-of-context materials like test prep books, words that I otherwise would never been exposed to.


I'm looking for a long-term vocabulary program which will continue for several years, if not longer. I've heard other HSers rave about both Wordly Wise and Sadlier-Oxford, and from what I've seen from their website samples they both seem like great programs. They also sound similarly designed, with several exercises to solidify the word meanings.


From my estimation, Wordly Wise's words seem a couple grade levels higher than Vocab Workshop, at least for the younger grades, but I could be mistaken. More high-schoolers have commented on Sadlier, while elementary and middle-school people seem to be using WW. And frustrating, NOBODY seems to have compared the two on previous threads.


Has anyone seen both of these? Which one did you like better, and why? Or, did you try one and it was a complete non-starter for you? Two programs would be overkill, but I don't want to pick one only to find out that it's a dud.

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