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Rainbow Science


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If you look on the logic stage/middle grade board - I did a quick search using "Rainbow" and there were several posts w/ some reviews of Rainbow.


Here are a couple reviews I read on-line: http://www.homeschoolingfromtheheart.com/hsreviews/science/rainbowsci.html




There is even a review on Amazon. I'm thinking of using it for ds in 8th next year but doing both Years 1 & 2 in one year. He loves science and likes the idea of lots of hands on. I'll probably add in books from Noeo on each topic. The reviews I've read seem to be either that people love it or hate it and no in-between.

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Thanks! I did read some great reviews on some Home School sites: The Old Schoolhouse had a rave one! I will check out the Logic board. :bigear:


I really wanted more details before purchasing it. But I went ahead, and hope it is all there. It was very expensive. I will update soon.;)

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