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anyone with input on the DIVE DVD/Apologia DVD chemistry +/-s? TIA

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Hello! my son used the DIVE chemistry dvd along with both Apologia texts in 10th grade. We found it to be a wonderful course - great prep for AP Chem from ChemAdvantage in 11th grade. We did many of the DIVE labs at home. We would watch the lab set up then do the lab ourselves, writing down our results and conclusions, and then comparing our results to his. We were unable to do all the labs at home, due to expensive lab equipment; for those labs we would watch the lab set up and procedures, writing down his results and then determining our own conclusions before comparing with his.I highly recommend the DIVE chemistry dvd! If you are having several of your own children do the class at the same time you could all watch from one dvd, but I think every family would need their own dvd if you are doing a class with several students. You should check with the publisher on that. I have never used the Apologia dvds so I can't speak to those. Blessings as you decide!


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