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Hello -


We are looking at doing our 2nd year of Latin using the Cambridge materials. We are currently in a tutorial. What would we need to do this on our own AND how easy or difficult is it to do on your own? We've finished book 1 and are part way through book 2.

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You would need the textbook and teacher's manual and if you want them, the workbook and CD. All answers and translations are in the teacher's manual. There is also a website that is helpful with online activities and games. It costs something like $10 per year to access. There is also a book of multiple choice tests.


You can get the Cambridge materials at Rainbow Resource.

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Thank you. That is very helpful. Did you use the tests? How long does it take per day? How many days a week on average?


For a high school student, I would try to schedule it so there is 45 min or so of work to complete each day, five days per week. Of course, it depends on how quickly your student works. The Cambridge people say that Units 1 and 2 correspond to a year of high school Latin, while books 3 and 4 are equivalent to years 2 and 3.


I liked to have my kids translate 2-3 passages per stage, even though the Cambridge people say you shouldn't be having them do direct translations most of the time. I also had them do all of the Practicing the Language exercises. I didn't find the Word Study exercises to be worth the time it took to do them.


I also don't think the workbook is very good. I did have my older son do the questions that were in the workbook about the cultural stuff but I never particularly liked the other exercises.


I tried the tests but found I didn't like them.

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