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Bringing DC home in the fall, need help choosing math, language & science for gifted


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Hi there. My boys want to be homeschooled again (have been in PS almost 2 years) I'm letting them finish the year at PS and am now looking at curriculum for the fall.


DS starting grade 5 is gifted in math . . . what curriculum is best.


Would the exploring series General Science appeal to a science minded child?


What writing and language program would you use?


My DS in grade 3 in the fall is looked after . . . I'm pretty sure I know what to use.


Many thanks for your help.

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What has the student done previously?


AOPS looks amazing but be aware that it does use the "discovery" method. Not every gifted child has the personality to enjoy learning math through wrestling with tricky problems. My DD is good at math but AOPS would not be a great "fit" for her. I use Singapore with her (she is currently in the pre-algebra book, Discovering Math 1).


For English, I like alternating Michael Clay Thompson's (MCT) language arts books with Don Killgallon's applied grammar/sentence writing books.


I'm not familiar with Apologia science since we are not YEC's. Rainbow Science would probably be my choice if I ever decided I wanted to use a YEC curriculum (and somehow convinced DH to allow it).

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"The math curriculum would depend on the 5th grader's level and preferences. Does he like to read and think? Does he want a video lecture? Where is he in his problem solving and logic skills? What are his mental math skills?"


He loves to read and think . . . very self motivated. His mental math skills are amazing and problem solving and logic skills are great.


"I'd start placement tests with Singapore Primary Math w/IP and then move right in to Dolciani Pre-Algebra: An Accelerated Course or AoPS Pre-Algebra, but then I had a visual-spatial lad who didn't like a lot of words and feels that videos move too slowly compared to just reading it yourself."


Thanks I'll look into this.

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Do you personally use this? Is this a stand alone or to supplement another curriculum?



We have been using AoPS for several years and are extremely happy with it. It is a stand-alone curriculum geared towards strong math students. It uses a discovery approach where the student is presented with problems to solve and only after he tried the solution is discussed and the new concept introduced. Check out their website and look at the sample. You can also search fro AoPS here on the boards, it is frequently discussed. It is a good fit for my children, but is not suitable for every student.

We have started using Intro to Algebra in 6th resp 7th grades and have also used Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Precalculus, and Counting&Probability.

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I am making my plans now for my rising 5th grader, who is gifted in math and reading. These are my plans, and maybe some will work for you.


Math - AoPS Pre-Algebra along with Thinkwell Pre-Algebra (which is on sale through Monday at Homeschool Buyer's Coop for 50% off!!). I am planning on both because Thinkwell will give him the basics and let him feel successful and then AoPS will challenge him to think beyond Thinkwell.


Science - Exploration Education - the Advanced version.


History - K12 History Odyssey along with Classic House of Learning


Online G3 for Grammar (MCT) and also for Rosetta Stone Latin.


DUKE Tip - Growing up Heroic


He will be working at grade level in Winning With Writing 5 and Soaring with Spelling 4.


I hope that helps. Some other options that I was looking at was Plato Science (through Homeschool Buyers Coop) and MCT on our own.



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Would the exploring series General Science appeal to a science minded child?


I've heard some negative comments about the General Science particularly. Exploring Creation with Astronomy is fun, esp. with Rainbow Science's supplies kit + the student notebook (which incl. scheduling ideas, I think). Exploring w/ Human Anatomy/Physiology is supposed to be the most challenging.


You might want to look at Easy Classical's science schedules if you like Apologia; they use Apologia but mix it up a bit, and I think this might help maintain enthusiasm all year ... (though we've done Astronomy straight, w/ some supplements, and Buttons' not the least bored).

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