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We used it for awhile and it did help with fluency but there were also some cons. There is not a lot of material so we ran out of grade level material quickly and then the only option was to do repeat readings of the same stories, which ds did not like. Also it was VERY tempting to mess around in the microphone to make your voice and the program do silly things. This may not be an issue with an older, more mature student though. We eventually canceled our subscription because ds had read through all the material at his level (4th-6th grade) and the tech became too much of a hassle to police, but it did help with fluency for a period of time.

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Thanks. Does it mean that there is no more new materials after 6 grade? My son is 2nd grade and we are currently working at K-3 materials. I think we have long way to go before we hit the end. Did you do their reading progress indicator assessment? My son was placed as grade level 4.1 but I manually assigned his reading level at first grade level.

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We did not use the reading progress indicator. My son was reading around a 4th grade level when we started and I just had him read all the 4th-6th grade material available. RA included higher level material too but it was textbook passages on the intricacies of the brain, etc. and the content and type of reading was just too far over ds's head at the time to be useful for fluency practice. At that point we just moved into having him read regular books.

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