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What do you use for elementary k-6 math?


What math do you use for k-6?  

  1. 1. What math do you use for k-6?

    • Saxon
    • A beka
    • Math U See
    • Math Mammoth
    • R & S
    • Teaching Textbooks
    • Horizons
    • Alpha and Omega
    • Singapore
    • Other- please specify

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CLE and I really like it for us. It's not boring and they have cute things to do within each lesson and....it's very reasonable in price!


We have used MM(boring), MCP (k) , Miquon (too much prep) oh and RS A. Which was a bomb for me.

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There was a poll fairly recently, though it is very hard to search for polls unless they include the word poll in the title. Here is a selection I was able to find, in case you'd like to compare to the current results.


This is the most recent I came across: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=346705













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We use Saxon, but I would have guessed Singapore or MM would end up as favorites! These polls always make me second guess myself, but Saxon seems like the right choice for us.


Don't be too influenced by what everyone else likes the best:001_smile:!

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There are so many options for K-6. I really liked McRuffy Math for K. For 1st and 2nd we switched to Math in Focus. Dd wants to do Teaching Textbooks 3 next school year. I also really like Moving with Math for K - 2. For extra math fun we added in Life of Fred Elementary. And, dd can't wait for us to add in Beast Academy. I don't use all of these things at the same time. We switched around and I really like them all....which makes it so hard, if not impossible, to just choose one. :001_smile:

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Singapore, Life of Fred, a little MEP, and now Beast Academy as "curriculums", plus a TON of supplements (Penrose the Mathematical Cat, Brainy Day Math, Mathletics, Various Scholastic and Evan-Moor E-books, Basher Books, Challenge math, Hands on Equations, and various logic and problem solving books. I think that covers the last year :) ).


Can you tell that we like math around here? It's probably the single subject where we buy the most materials.

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MEP - My only regret is that I discovered it too late to use either DD the Elder. It's the mathiest. :tongue_smilie:


We'll be doing MEP at least through the end of Y3, but may move to Beast Academy afterwards.

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MM and we recently started adding in MEP 2a (I also wish we'd found it earlier.) We read a chapter or two of LoF: Elementary each week along with some living math books. I've recently ordered Zacarro and plan to add that in as well.


We're not quite ready for BA, but I'm considering dropping LoF for it when the time comes.

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I have tried Singapore, Saxon, Horizons, CLE, TT, and RS. Saxon was a crashing failure, we hit a wall with Singapore, Horizons was okay (used in K as a bridge for Sylvia before CLE 100), and RS was very good from A-B and part of C. We've settled on CLE and I love it. Thorough, solid, and not super teacher intensive. It's stopped math battles. We're also using TT, but I've found it to run behind (no flames!) and have skipped so much that it's not worth the money. Plus I don't think that CLE needs supplementation.

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I've used Math Mammoth, Singapore, Life of Fred, and Beast Academy with the oldest.


I'm using Singapore with my 5 year old right now, and we'll continue with it this next school year. When he's ready for 3rd grade math, he'll probably switch to Beast Academy.

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For 4th--6th math and beyond, it's Life of Fred all the way. Matched with an appropriate child, it is a very complete college-prep program of the top caliber. Coming from a math-professor home, we've evaluated the competition, and Fred wins, at least for the older son who is serious about math :)

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You need to add Beast Academy to that list. :)


But there is only half of one grade available now, and I was under the impression K and 1st grade weren't even on the drawing board. ;)


For the poll:

We are using a designed-for-school curriculum that I picked out and consider decent. I like the K-2nd levels a lot. I'm not thrilled with the excessive review and lack of new material between 4th and 6th, but that seems to be fairly common in everything I've seen. We're not at that point yet, but I anticipate hitting lessons with new material and substituting for things that have already been mastered. (Or I might use a different program for my spine and only cover the lessons with new material.)


My "school at home" curriculum is SRA Explorations and Applications. We also use MEP. I might add in a very basic course in French next year. It will be material we have already covered for the language component and extra fact practice. Yes, I'm a little silly.

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I use BJU Math, but only their newer 3rd editions. The lessons are well laid out including manipulatives and teaching the "why" of math. It is a mastery approach, but their is review built into the program. The daily lessons are on colorful, fun pages which is important to me for my very visual kid. I do the front of the page with him to make sure he's got it, then he can do the back independently. He likes that it's just front and back of one page!


The TMs come with a great CD that includes reteaching practice sheets for each lesson, wonderful enrichment activities to challenge your kids to think outside the box with math, extended activities for each chapter that include art and writing, facts review sheets, and great instructional aids.


I have a math degree and ds takes after me. He really understands math regardless of the curriculum I choose. I've tried Horizons and CLE as well. He really needed a spiral approach in the beginning because he would forget things he hadn't seen in awhile. After some time with those, though, I realized how bored he was with having to do things over and over that he already understood.

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