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Anyone use a curriculum that incorporates weekly scripture memorization?

We do more of a devotional (read a chapter, pray, discuss) but for next year I want scripture memorization as the focus.


I know this is the easiest think in the world to just pick a few verses and make the kids memorize them but I want a more creative and systematic way of attacking this. Left to myself it wouldn't get done. Ideally the curriculum should appeal to middle schoolers and a high schooler.

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On her blog A Holy Experience, Ann Voskamp shares how she (and others) memorize scripture. Along with print booklets, she also recommends using Scripture Typer for ease of memorization:






In other words, you do not need a curriculum for scripture memorization, but can choose any passages or books you wish at any time. If you do really want a curriculum, though, you might try Explorer's Bible Study,with its various levels for students. Each week includes study of scripture passages on a given topic or from a given biblical book. You could do as much or as little of the lessons, in writing or orally, as you like while focusing on learning the scriptures.



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OMG...I love the Colossians study guides. I saved the pdf to use later.


I also loved the books from Scripture Memory Fellowship, so reasonably priced!


MFW has memorizing the book of James as part of our curriculum which we started out using but ended up joining my older DD in reading through the New Testament instead.

For now, perhaps we should go back to work on memorizing James and incorporate some of the ideas you guys listed here for next school year.


Just lovely.

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