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If you're between 30-50, do you color your hair?

Do you color your hair?  

  1. 1. Do you color your hair?

    • Of course I color it! I have gray/white.
    • I love my gray/white hair and wear it proudly.
    • My hair is not going gray/white, but I like to color it anyway.
    • My hair has no gray/white and I don't mess with the color.
    • Other :)

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I color my hair but am horrible at keeping it up so I always have periods of the grey showing. Years ago dd12 was playing with my hair and said mom "you have the coolest hair", I was all excited for the compliment, and then she finished up with "YEah it is gold at the bottom and silver at the top"


I had died it about 6 months earlier to lighten it and was growing it out (hence the gold at the bottom), the silver at the top is what prompted me to actually start dyeing it more often.


I have a dye kit here that I may do tonight since I will be down to 2 kids.

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