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Quick Question about DIVE and Saxon Advanced Mathematics

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Ds is finishing Algebra 2 and is getting ready to start Advanced Mathematics.


On Rainbow Resource the DIVE CD comes with a Home Study kit for Saxon, but doesn't say what exactly is in the kit. From the picture it looks like there's a test booklet, a student text, and something called a "homeschool packet." What is that?:confused:


Is there a solution manual? Would I need a solution manual, or does DIVE have the solutions


is there someone who has purchased this from Rainbow that can tell me what this is? Or maybe someone who has used it who can tell me if a solution manual is even needed?



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I'm chiming in because I'm curious. :)


I ordered the Advanced from MFW.


in their package it is:

*student text

*test booklet

*Solutions Manual - this is for the "problem sets"

*Homeschool Packet - this is solutions for the tests. and just answer key for problem sets.


*(and their lesson plans for it, but that's not relevant to your question)

they don't say that test book is included, but it is. I just opened the wrap on my order..



Rainbow - looks like the picture is the text, the test book and the "solutions manual for the test" (aka homeschool packet). But looks like the problem set "solutions manual" is the one not included. That's the one called solutions manual.


Hoping someone who has ordered from RR chimes in. I'm going based on photos on their website and what's on my actual books, even though I ordered the homeschool kit and text and DIVE from another company.


edit to add.. . none of the other DIVE cd's we've used are solutions manual to problem sets. and nothing indicates on the cover of the DIVE cd I have to say otherwise.



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