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Learning style differences?

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I'm enjoying watching/listening to DH teach my 5th grade niece the basics of scratch. And I'm noticing a distinct difference between DD and her cousins-DD tends to try new intellectual challenges and ask for help only when she needs it-while her cousin definitely waits for instructions. However, DD also seems less persistent-that is, when she gets to a point when she starts to struggle, she does immediately ask for help-while her cousin seems to wait longer before asking- even if it's time spent sitting and staring into space. I don't know if that a Learning style thing, or a homeschooling vs PS thing or what, but it's interesting to watch.

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Well, I will tell you that my three kids are all very different in how they learn. My oldest likes to do things perfectly the first time and struggles when he can't. My middle child will try something 450 times until she gets it right without getting frustrated. My youngest is a combo of the other two. Sometimes he will try again and again and sometimes he gets frustrated right away. This means I have to "strike while the iron is hot" in working with him.


So, I think it's a personality thing more than a hs/ps thing. But I will also throw out there that brain-based learning (ie, teaching to different learning styles) is huge in our PS right now. There are many workshops dedicated to this and teachers are expected to incorporate it.

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