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Hands on science curriculum


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We have been using Apologia through our tutorial for the last 4 years. We are not going to be attending next year which frees me up to pick our own curriculum. I would really like to move away from the textbook for a year. So, I am looking for something (no specific subject) that is really hands on and fun. I need it to be able to work for a 4th grader and K. So, something I can modify for their ages. Any recommendations?

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Not a curriculum, but lots of fun and learning - Brian Rhorig's 150 Captivating Chemistry Experiments



Love Anna Botsford Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study to use while exploring nature.


I love taking time away from science curriculums to chase rabbit trails and learn about anything my kids find interesting.

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Thanks ladies! Any other suggestions? I would love something that will provide a year round curriculum!


Have you looked at NOEO Science? Disclaimer: I haven't used this yet but I plan to for the fall b/c lit-based works really well for us (but Sonlight science fell a little flat for me with the disconnect between the experiments and the books).


So other people might tell you this is a terrible idea on my part, since I have no experience with it :lol:, but it's literature based and I think it looks wonderful. The level 1 bio, chem, and physics (one year each) are for grades 1 through 3 and can be used in any order as far as I can tell, so could it be tweakable to include a kindy??




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