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First period? Or?

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My dd is 10. She came to me crying because she had blood on her panties. She understands what is going on re. puberty, menstruation, etc. I got her a pad and gave her some Ibuprofen because she said that her stomach hurt. I was talking to her later though and she said that it hurt at the end of peeing. Now I'm wondering if it really is a first period or if it could be bladder related. Is having any kind of pain with urination connected with that? If it's just her period I'd rather not do a doctor visit because it would make it a bit traumatic for her. But if she's got an infection or something, of course I wouldn't hesitate to get her treated. She does not have a lot of other signs of puberty - breast buds or hair growth.


Update: It's a UTI. She's being treated.

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Maybe be more specific in your questions:


*Where did it hurt at the end of peeing?

*Was this the first time it hurt while peeing?


Get as specific as you can with the questions.

Any bleeding other than with menstruation, would be a big concern to me,

and would warrant a visit to the doctor.


Given her age, it could very well be her cycle (that's when my dd started).



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Without the secondary signs I'd be concerned. It could be a UTI or bladder infection. It could be hemorrhoids (and a UTI). UTIs and bladder infections are diagnosed mainly by peeing in a cup rather than physical examination. Although if there was a lot of blood, the doctor may want to examine her.



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