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Meds not working

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Has anyone ever heard of medicine not having an effect at all on their Autistic kids? We have tried Zoloft for her anixiety. It had no effect on her, like giving a sugar pill. Then the doc tried Focalin XR for her implusiviness. It made her crazy and only heightened all of her autistic symptoms times 10. Now we are trying Risperidone. SHe is on .25mg three times a day.... no effect on her what so ever, not even a side effect. You have got to be kidding me. THe doctor wants to see us again to talk. I am kind of giving up on the idea that there is anything that will help her.

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What, other than the anxiety are you trying to treat? How old is she? How big? The Risperdal dose is on the lower side so she might need more.


Have you tried a mood stabilizer (if mood/anger/aggression/irritability is part of the issue)?


Sad to say, no meds work for all kids and it is a lot of trial and error. There are many other anti-depressants to try, many other stimulants (our psychiatrist finds Dexedrine doesn't cause behavioral issues like some other do), and there are lots of other APs to try along with other classes of meds.


Is she seeing a pediatric psychiatrist well versed in autism and its related issues?

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I am not sure the psychologist is sure what she wants to treat first. SHe has some major anixety, very implusive, aggressive, hyper, lots of rage, irritable and emotional outbursts. She is seven almost eight. SHe is on the smaller side for height.

THe doctor says she has lots of experience with autism but I am starting to wonder.

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With that, I might consider a mood stabilizer. Lamictal has made a big difference here for the positive in many of those symptoms. We had all the same symptoms you have (along with some autistic tendencies) when my daughter was younger.


Her meds include 2 mood stabilizers, an AP, and a med now for ADHD.

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