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Are Understanding Writing and MCT mutually exclusive?

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I am working on a gentle writing program for 3rd grade for my writing-phobic ds. We already have WWE2 for the fall but I want something else that helps him with the mechanics/basics of a good sentence and goes from there.


I just found Understanding Writing today. It looks great! So here's my concern: they strongly recommend that you buy the Rod and Staff English Handbook to go with UW...but from what I've seen, this does not sound like a book my son will enjoy. And to further complicate things, I've already bought MCT's Island level for grammar next year b/c I think he will love it. He is not a workbook kid.


I can tell already that the writing in MCT is WAY over ds's head, so we will not be using the writing portion. But can I make it work to use the Island level for grammar/poetics/vocab, etc. AND also use Understanding Writing?? Are they just way too different in style/structure?


Thanks for any advice anyone's got!


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