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Men, women, and clothes

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Well, I'm about the least fashionable female I know. I'm currently wearing a Star Wars Legos t-shirt (from the guy section of Target) and jogging pants. It doesn't often get much better than this, LOL.


But I purge ruthlessly. DH --on the other hand -- needs hand-holding when it comes to closet purging. He owns a pair of color block shorts (think Kid 'n Play) that are about SIX sizes too small. He will NOT let me toss them/donate them/TOUCH THEM.


So yes, there is some merit to what you've said. Don't know if it's gender-based or individual, though.

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It is just the opposite in my family. I have clothes that are well on 20 years old now whereas my hubby has to have new shirts at least every six months.


I am currently wearing a Green Bay T-shirt and a pair of pj bottoms. My dds on the other hand need new clothes all the time.

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