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How Do you get Started with MEP?


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I'm wanting to learn more about MEP so that I can possibly make the move in the Summer to teaching from it, full time.


I have downloaded all of the student books already, for YR-Y6, but am uncertain about how to begin. Do I just start reading from the lesson plans? I want to read through and study atleast from YR to Y3 before I make a final decision, but I'm a little uncertain about what to do with Copymasters or really what they are even for....

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Watch the videos and read the teacher materials on the website, then start in on the lesson plans. :001_smile:


:iagree: The lesson plans will tell you what to do and what material to reference/use (like practice book p 47 question 3, or look at poster #4, etc.)


I found these blog posts helpful when I was getting started:





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There are videos? link please.


The tables on this page show everything you need. Look toward the bottom of the first table (Resources for All Years 1 to 6) to find links to "Video clips of MEP Primary Teaching"...



(The videos give you a "feel" for the program as it is taught in a classroom setting.)

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