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Horse people!!!! Choke.

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I cannot get a vet to come to the ranch right now (and I am not convinced of the necessity).


Our Arab gelding who has no history of choke, choked a bit this morning. He was in obvious distress with saliva and food particules coming out of nose and mouth. I began to massage his esophagus pretty forcefully and he spit out a decent bolus of food. Dd is presently walking him around the pasture. He still has some green saliva coming from his nose and is not in the greatest of moods. Keeps putting his upper lip in the air in stud fashion.


What else can I do for him? He has defecated, is not agitated enough to start rolling, but is not happy. My thinking is we just wait this out.


Okay saliva is starting to clear up in color. I have been around horses a long time and have never seen one basically throw up! Granted it wasn't stomach contents, but eeeeewwwwww!

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