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Friendly Chemistry??

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Used it a few years ago in a co-op class for students who were not pursuing higher math or science. It does a good job of teaching about atomic structure, the periodic table, and the formation of compounds (chemical formulae), using some hands-on materials, but it doesn't go much further than that (ie, no gas laws, etc). It would make a decent intro to chemistry but is not a complete course in itself.

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I used it at home with a student who needed to spend more time in each topic than the typical race through chemistry. FC is very hands-on and makes things very understandable. My problem with the full credit isn't so much that it doesn't cover enough, but that it doesn't include many labs. I think it was originally written for co-op and there are some potentially fun labs in there as group activities, but at home alone, the labs were brief. I had planned to add Experiences in Chemistry, if my dd would have finished the credit.


However, I've heard they have updated the program quite a bit since I used it, so take this with a grain of salt.



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