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WWYD in this situation?

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Ds has OT at the elementary school. I was talking to his therapist today about Lindamood-Bell and she told me that the 2nd-3rd grade resource room teacher is highly trained in all of LMB products. So I went and talked to her today. She has LiPS, Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing. She uses that regularly with a few of her students. In Wyoming we are allowed to use public school services by law free of charge. So, I am torn about allowing ds to go to resource room to be taught with those resources. She says she uses all 3 at once with an AMAZING outcome. I am concerned though, if we did that, could they try to require more from us? Dd is in band and choir at the middle school and they said that they are not considered part time public school students UNLESS they are there for half the day or more. Dd is not at all in anyway considered a part time public school student. How would that be with resource room though? If you were in our situation, would you do this? Why or why not?




I guess my biggest issues is we have many issues with our local public school system. MANY. The only reason ds goes to OT there is because there is NO other OT therapist within an hour and a half drive. He goes weekly. I want to do whats best for ds but right now I am struggling with this :001_huh:

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I'd look into it, but not commit to any until I knew more. I'd ask myself questions like how long he's expected to need OT and can he do the resource room with the LMB trained teacher once OT is done? If he did both at once, along with whatever else he uses from them, would he still be less than half time? I'd look at what all we're doing and ask myself and the school if is it even a good idea to do all those different therapies at once? And since the end of the school year is near, what about summer school? Could he do the LMB work over the summer? Those are the types of things I'd ask them and myself.


If I was hesitant to use the school, but I knew they had someone trained in the LMB methods, I'd likely go and talk to that resource person. She might be someone worth knowing as a resource to you, even if you decide not to send your son to her. I'd want to meet her, and then see from there what I want to do.


BTW, I'll admit I'm biased in favor of LMB programs. I really like their products and have several of their manuals.

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