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standardized test ?

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I don't know about 6th grade level, but I have administered the ITBS twice (1st and 4th) and both times I took the test myself a week prior to giving it to my child. I scored my child's test against mine, noting any errors, before sending it in to be officially scored.

I have several friends that outsource testing and they say they get enough info from the detailed score sheet. But I agree w/you about not seeing a point w/o seeing what they actually missed. I like to know if it was just a stupid error or something they really don't know.

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We use the CAT-E Survey from Seton. They don't return it, but so far I've known what all the correct answers are and knew exactly how many the kids got wrong before sending it in. We've used Kindergarten through 3rd and 7th. The 7th grade one, after she finished the whole thing and it was ready to send it, I even went over what she got wrong and we talked about it before sending it in.

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Most test companies won't send back completed tests because it affects test security (i.e., people try to steal the questions so they can cheat or sell to others who want to cheat). Also, people might try to "coach" to the test which then affects the scoring and standardization. I know that doesn't help, but at least it's good to know there's a reason! I would do what the other posters suggested...

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